Honorary Doctorate

The rank of honorary doctorate or doctor honoris causa is an honorific title granted by an exceptional procedure. Originally a university would confer the dignity of doctor honoris causa in order to distinguish a learned person whose knowledge and wisdom were considered exemplary, but also, in return, to pride itself for having recognized and "recruited" among its faculty such an outstanding person. Formerly universities have given some more picturesque titles than doctor honoris causa, like doctor or professor angelicus, eximius, mirabilis, subtilis, illuminates... The conferring of an honorary doctorate or doctor honoris causa still follows, sometimes, an old protocol.

Serving as a way to inspire students, OPJS University awards Honoris Causa Doctorate on a selective basis to distinguished individuals who merit exceptional recognition for their profound and enduring contributions in a field or activity, in accordance with the values of the University.

Admission Procedure

Applications are welcome at any time, but for consideration for award at the next convocation ceremonies, Applications must be submitted by December 15th of each year. Applications will be compiled by the Committee secretary.

The Committee will begin deliberations early in January. Recommendations will normally be submitted to Academic Council for approval in March. Nominations approved by President will be considered for approval by the Board of Management at the Board’s next meeting.

Eligibility Criteria

Honorary doctorates will be awarded to those well recognized for distinguished and visionary leadership and achievements consistent with OPJS’s core values, mission, and goals. They will exemplify the highest personal and professional standards that serve as an inspiration and model for students, faculty, staff, and our communities. They may be eminent researchers, scholars, professionals, creative artists, performers, athletes, or persons renowned for exemplary public service regionally, nationally, or globally. It will be evident that their contributions have enriched society and the quality of life.

Although not all areas of achievement can be recognized in any one year, over the course of several years the awards should reflect the diversity of OPJS’s academic programs, research, and support services. The awards should also reflect the social and cultural diversity of our region.

  • Eminence in their areas of endeavour recognizing their substantial achievement and contributions in the field of education.
  • Master degree with considerable achievement in their field
  • Eminent researchers, scholars, professionals, creative artists, performers, athletes, or persons renowned for exemplary public service regionally, nationally, or globally.
  • This will be evident that their contributions have enriched society and the quality of life.

Procedure to Award

The OPJS Honorary Degree Selection Committee reviews applications annually and makes recommendations to President. With the approval of President, Chairman and the Board of Management, the Patron confers the honorary doctorate at convocation. Normally, no more than one honorary doctorate will be awarded at each convocation ceremony. Recipients are expected to be present to receive the award, and are invited to give a brief address to the convocation. They will also be invited to return to OPJS University at a later date to give a longer address and meet with faculty, staff, and students. Awards will not normally be made posthumously. The Committee may seek additional information.

Membership of the Honorary Degree Selection Committee

  • OPJS President (or designate) as Chair
  • OPJS Chairman nominee
  • Two members of the Board of Management, appointed annually by the sponsoring body of the University
  • Two members of Senior Administration, appointed annually by the President
  • Five members appointed by President from, including at least two senior faculty members outside from the university.

The Executive Assistant to the President will serve as the Committee secretary

Award of the Degree

After successful completion of application and approved by HDSC a notification shall be issued and honorary degree shall be awarded.

There are three procedures to award the degree

  • Degree awarded in personal convection
    The convocation committee
    • President
    • Pro – President
    • Chairman Nominee
    • Registrar / controller of Examination
  • Degree awarded in University convocation
  • Convocation held at London parliament board

For Ph. D Honorary

Application form with academic bio data    100000/-

Biopic and work report    100000/-

Convocation Charges

  • Degree in personal convocation ( No Charge)
  • Degree in University convocation ( 100000/-)
  • Degree convocation in parliamentary board of London (300000/-)



  • Genuine Research Work.
  • 24*7 Hours Phone Assistance by Guide.
  • Completion of Research work on time, Degree will be awarded on time.
  • Information Regarding Scholarship :
    • Top 10 Students will get 50% of fee relaxation who clear the entrance test
    • The Students Whose NET,SET Cleared will get 20% Scholarship for the student
    • Top 10 Students of Course Work Exam will get Rs. 10,000 Scholarship each.


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